An Introduction to the Gospels of Mark and Matthew

Reflections on Fr Denis McBride’s talk given 7th March 2020

Almost exactly a year before (9th March 2019), St Stephen’s had a visit from acclaimed author and theologian Fr Denis McBride talking about the passion narratives in the four Gospels and how they agree and differ. This time, around 50 people gathered (not realising how such gatherings would very soon be no longer permitted for a while) in the parish hall for another inspiring talk.

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Bexley Winter Shelter 2020

This was the fourth winter shelter set up in Bexley and totally different from the previous 3 years.

It all started in September, with the team contacting the 200 odd volunteers from the 2019 Shelter; however we only received a positive response from 120 people. So in November we had a big push, which included me and Mark Cocklin speaking after each Mass one weekend at St Stephen’s.

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