National Prayer Competition

Praying hands

The Knights of St Columba had conducted a national prayer composition competition on the topic: FOR OUR EARTH, YOUR PEOPLE AND OUR FAITH, for young people aged 8-11, 12-14 and 15-18 years of age. Congratulations to St Stephen’s parishioners Keira Fernandes and Katie Fernandes, who serve regularly at the 11.30 Mass.¬† The girls were awarded with certificates for their creative prayer-writing at the end of Mass on Sunday 22nd May.

Keira’s Prayer

Dear God,

You created us humans in your image and likeness. Even though we are all equal, there is still a lot of violence and wars between us. Help us to understand that we are all equal in your eyes and that we must stop fighting amongst ourselves. Bless our world leaders, that they may make decisions that help those who are affected by the wars. We pray that you open their eyes to the pain and suffering felt by millions during events like war. We especially pray for our sisters and brothers in places like Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria and Sri Lanka. We pray that efforts to bring peace within the countries are successful and that they may be able to live regular lives without the threat of war.

We also pray for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic and other pandemics. There are still many of our brothers and sisters who face difficult times because of it. Rising bills, problems with family members who are still in hospital, and even homelessness have crept on many of our people. We pray that your healing hand may cover those affected and strengthen their faith in you.

Finally, we pray for ourselves. Strengthen our faith in you so that we may be able to serve you, overcome the difficulties we face in the present life and that we may be able to help others who struggle as well. Mother Mary please intercede for us.

We make this prayer in your name,


Katie’s Prayer

Dear God,

The world you have created is so beautiful and wonderful. You have blessed us with more than we could ever understand, and yet as a human race we destroy and segregate, disregard your love and compassion for us, burn down every article of your empathy and take away from its beauty. Set us free from the evils of our own doing and fill us with the knowledge of how to be better to each other and our world. Enlighten the minds of those who hurt your creation, help them to understand their impact on everyone. We pray for those scientists who are creating new ways to combat the effects of climate change, help them to create better solutions that do not hurt but help.

We also pray for those fighting in wars, leaving families grief-struck and helpless especially for those in places like Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. We pray for our leaders, guide them to be stronger and braver, to create a better world for our present and future lives.

God, help us spread your ever living peace through the word of your Gospels. Help us to build a stronger community, where we can share hopes and ambitions whilst growing closer to you and your beloved son. Lord, cleanse us with your precious blood, from the crown of our head to the sole of our feet and fill us with your holy spirit. Mother Mary intercede for us.

We make this prayer in your name.