Reflections for the Month of January

The New Year gives us the opportunity to visit Our Lord, incarnate and revealed to the nations, at His Epiphany. Unlike the Magi bringing their gifts, He is not expecting Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, but ourselves – offered without attachment to other things, but empty-handed, with only love and desire stirring our soul and the joy of His presence. It is this joy we carry in our lives that will be an attraction to others to want to come and see too. The Holy Spirit is always active and will be our guide and support to work at evangelising (simply calling or telling) others to see Him for themselves. Many will resist and have excuses but at least they were invited.

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Reflections for the Month of December

Shortly, the ‘Year of St Joseph’ will end. It has not had the impact that was hoped for, but maybe in its final week we could reflect on the life he had and on his guardianship of the child Jesus growing up in Nazareth. The skills that his trade might have engendered, the patience, endurance, imagination, accuracy, plus strength, honesty and the generosity one would expect of his role. We hear so little of him in the Gospels, but we do know his family took refuge in Egypt, so he would understand the plight of today’s refugees. His loyalty to Mary when her child was conceived shows us a wise and honourable man, willing to go the extra mile for those in his care. All men, fathers especially, would not find a better example to imitate. Continue reading “Reflections for the Month of December”