National Prayer Competition

The Knights of St Columba had conducted a national prayer composition competition on the topic: FOR OUR EARTH, YOUR PEOPLE AND OUR FAITH, for young people aged 8-11, 12-14 and 15-18 years of age. Congratulations to St Stephen’s parishioners Keira Fernandes and Katie Fernandes, who serve regularly at the 11.30 Mass.  The girls were awarded with certificates for their creative prayer-writing at the end of Mass on Sunday 22nd May. Continue reading “National Prayer Competition”

Apparitions of Our Lady in Ukraine 1914 and 1987

The Ukraine as a country has suffered very much and yet has been blessed by apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Kievan Rus – the land of Rus (862-1242 CE), a federation of peoples located in the region of modern-day Belarus, Ukraine and part of Russia, was the first European state to be dedicated to the Mother of God. This was done by Prince Yaroslav the Wise in 1037.

It is believed that in about 1505 the Blessed Virgin appeared in Hrushiv and that the local people had planted a willow tree at the site. Sometime later a spring of water appeared beneath the tree.

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Tribute to Cindy Gibson

Cynthia Cecilia Gibbs, my Mum, was born on 16 October 1930 in Rangoon, Burma, to William Gibbs, a sergeant in Rangoon City police force and his wife Minnie.  In 1933 her sister Jeanette was born.  Her early years were spent travelling around Burma due to the postings her father received.  In early 1939 the family moved to the UK, settling in Belvedere in 1942.  Mum attended Bexley Technical High School for Girls (now Townley Grammar).  She then undertook further studies at Cheltenham Commercial College in Gloucestershire, gaining her qualifications in London Chamber of Commerce English and Pitman shorthand and typing.  In the mid to late 1940s Mum worked as a typist/secretary for a number of companies.     

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