After Santa’s Gone!

This may seem like a strange time of the year to still be talking about Father Christmas, but it’s about now that many families begin to realise just how much he cost them in the weeks and months leading up to Christmas. And how much they now owe!

Many people will find their credit scores damaged, restricting their access to loans and other financial products for the rest of the year. Some will get court orders for debt against them and visits from enforcement officers (bailiffs). More people than you might imagine will be declared insolvent! But even all the people who get through it pay a lot in interest, so limiting their lifestyle choices.

That’s why I’m reminding people of the leaflet, ‘After Santa’s Gone!’ It contains some basic guidance on how to deal with debt and clear credit commitments. It also explains where to look for expert help if you need it. You can read and download it by clicking here.

Also, check out the other personal finance leaflets produced for Churches Together in Welling at the Facebook page, ‘Make the Most of Your Money’.

Philip Evans