Reflections for the Month of September

We are starting to see a change of emphasis in the Gospels. The disciples now begin to recognise who He truly is. Jesus hopes to keep His identity secret to prevent interrupting His Mission but is constantly revealed and pursued. Our own mission is to make Him known – not to hide His presence but share the Faith we have been given, far and wide.

This month is a change for our journey too, as hopefully, this country sees the pandemic being overcome and new freedoms come. Other nightmare scenarios like global warming and climate change will become a priority for us.

Governments can do so much, but everyone must change habits and behaviour. Can we save energy use by turning things off instead of ‘on standby’, re-cycle better, repair not replace, buy local when we can. ‘Green’ initiatives and appliances are developing more and more and are certainly needed. Acting now is the only real option for the future. Everything became so clean during the total lockdown. To clearly see the stars at night, breathing was easier, no diesel fumes on the main road. Bexley may have a long wait for those conditions again.

There is a challenge over the fate of people in Afghanistan, bringing into question how to help them and of the whole purpose and need for war. Something we need to pray about now and over all conflicts; to find peaceful solutions, forgiveness and understanding that some things are not in our power to solve. As Winston Churchill wisely said  ‘Jaw, jaw is better than war, war’.

Calendar for September, Ordinary Time II, Year B

3rd       St Gregory the Great  National Calendar

8th       Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

13th     St John Chrysostom

14th     Exaltation of the Holy Cross

15th     Our Lady of Sorrows

16th     Ss Cornelius and Cyprian  Martyrs

17th      St Robert Bellamine

20th     Ss Andrew Kim & Companions  Martyrs

21st      Ss Matthew  Apostle, Martyr

23rd     St Pius of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio)  

24th     Our Lady of Walsingham

27th     St Vincent de Paul

28th     St Wenceslaus

29th     Ss Michael, Gabriel & Raphael  Archangels

30th     St Jerome

Deacon Michael Baldry