Reflections for the Month of June

Welcome to glorious June. As the heat builds, many of us would be expecting to start the holidays with a trip somewhere nice. Now it will be home sweet home.

This month we would be getting ready for the Lesnes Abbey procession of the Blessed Sacrament with Greenwich deanery, celebrating the Year of the Word. Bexley Council has cancelled events for now so we must wait till next year. The Lesnes Committee needs more Bexley people to plan this now. If you are interested, let me know ( In my memory this event has only been stopped once before after weeks of heavy rain made the ground unsafe; on the day the sun shone!

We are asked to remember those suffering persecution, oppression and denial of human rights, especially on the feast of Thomas More and John Fisher; the sacredness of human life, the scandal of abortion and euthanasia on the Day for Life on 21st June.

Calendar for June    Ordinary Time Weeks 9-13, Year A

1st      Mary, Mother of the Church

4th     Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest

5th     St Boniface  Bishop & Martyr

11th    St Barnabas  Apostle

13th    St Anthony  Memorial

20th   Immaculate Heart of Mary

22nd  SS John Fisher & Thomas More  Martyrs, National Feast

24th   Nativity of St John the Baptist  Solemnity

29th   SS Peter & Paul  Apostles 

“Year of the Word” during lockdown

This time gives us an ideal opportunity to spend a few minutes to look at the Word of God in the Gospels.

Here is a suggested Top Ten Parables. Each is simply a short paragraph or two. You might have others you prefer. Start by asking the Holy Spirit to protect you and lead you. Take time to absorb the audience Jesus had, the context and why it was told. Then go on to consider its meaning for you now.

The Sower – Matt 13: 1-9

The Weeds – Matt 13: 24-30

The Mustard Seed – Matt 13: 31-32

The Pearl – Matt 13: 45-46

The Faithful Servant – Matt 24: 45-51

Two House Builders – Matt 7: 24-27

The Rich Fool – Lk 2: 16-21

The Good Samaritan – Lk 10: 25-37

A Friend at Midnight – Lk 11: 5-13

The Prodigal Son – Lk 15: 11-32

Rev Michael Baldry