Reflections for the Month of December

Shortly, the ‘Year of St Joseph’ will end. It has not had the impact that was hoped for, but maybe in its final week we could reflect on the life he had and on his guardianship of the child Jesus growing up in Nazareth. The skills that his trade might have engendered, the patience, endurance, imagination, accuracy, plus strength, honesty and the generosity one would expect of his role. We hear so little of him in the Gospels, but we do know his family took refuge in Egypt, so he would understand the plight of today’s refugees. His loyalty to Mary when her child was conceived shows us a wise and honourable man, willing to go the extra mile for those in his care. All men, fathers especially, would not find a better example to imitate.

With COP26 still in our minds I found an imaginative guide to things we could all do in our parishes, based on Pope Francis’ Laudato Si. It is still being built, but is full of ideas for ecology, energy saving and more:

The polling stations in Old Bexley and Sidcup open on December 2nd to elect a new MP. The new member of the House of Commons will need our prayers and trust, whatever our allegiances, so that they will bring real change in our society and the wider world. It is a Christian duty to vote and support whoever is elected if we want to keep a free and charitable country.

May this season leading to Christmas be holy and joy-filled. Don’t forget those saddened by tragedy and loss so that our care might show them the true meaning for our celebrations with friends and family.

Calendar for December, Ordinary Time II, Year C

3rd       St Francis Xavier

4th       St John Damascene

7th       St Ambrose

8th       The Immaculate Conception of Mary  Solemnity

10th     Our Lady of Loreto

13th     St Lucy  Martyr

15th     St John of the Cross


25th     Nativity of Our Lord

27th     St John  Apostle & Martyr, Feast

28th     The Holy Innocents  Martyrs

29th     St Thomas of Canterbury  Martyr, Feast

30th     Mary, Holy Mother of God  Solemnity

Deacon Michael Baldry