Divine Mercy and Forgiveness

Divine Mercy

I think you might like to view this video which was strongly recommended by a leading member of a Divine Will Zoom group I had watched. It is something I would not normally want to see, but the title suggested that it might be interesting as Jeff Cavins, the scripture scholar, was the presenter and Divine Mercy is important.

The start of the video is not encouraging, but the point of the presentation was to give an example of mercy and forgiveness which concludes the video. It is a powerful story.

I was prompted to share it following an excellent homily by Canon Edward on Divine Mercy and Forgiveness two days after seeing the video. A Google search provided the story as text.

YouTube:   Auschwitz, Rudolf Hoess, and Divine Mercy – Jeff Cavins

Text:            Divine Mercy and the Commandant of Auschwitz – Marc Massery

Desmond Miller