Reflections for the Month of August

They called it ‘Freedom Day’, and it’s been a long time getting here. Covid is still about but we hope not too close to us.

The mantra “With Freedom comes Responsibility” is and must be foremost in our lives. What does this mean for us? As Christians we seek to follow Christ by caring for those around us. This should involve continuing to be cautious and curtailing some things that could make us vulnerable and propagate the spread of the infection and possible variants. We know now that Covid, like Flu, is not stopping. Our situation now will be a matter of controlling rather than eradicating the infection.

One way we can be responsible is to get vaccinated. If we can weaken the prevalence of Covid world-wide, the more freedom we can gain for those at risk and ourselves. Now this effort has been passed on to us by government and if we ignore advice we’ll never get the ‘Genie back in the bottle’!

The efforts and sacrifices of those working in the health sector must be applauded and the way we can surely do that is to take our responsibility seriously – then we can really be free.

As our churches evaluate how this affects Mass attendance and new changes being allowed by the Bishops, we can see if there is something we might do to help; does someone need a lift or visiting, can I support the choir or play an instrument, could I join the cleaning team? Start now and be free to choose.

Calendar for August, Ordinary Time II, Year B

4th       St John Vianney

5th       Dedication of Basilica of St Mary Major

6th       Transfiguration of the Lord  Solemnity

7th       St Sixtus II  Pope  and Companions  Martyrs

9th       St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) 

10th     St Lawrence  Deacon, Martyr

11th     St Clare

13th     Ss Pontian  Pope  and Hippolytus  Martyrs

14th     St Maximilian Kolbe  Martyr

20th     St Bernard

23rd     St Rose of Lima

24th     St Bartholomew  Apostle, Martyr

27th     St Monica

28th     St Augustine

30th     Ss Margaret Clitherow, Anne Line,
              Margaret Ward  Martyrs

31st     St Aidan and Companions  National Calendar

Deacon Michael Baldry