Laudato Si’

Canon Edward and Simon Heywood

One of the ways that we, as individuals or communities, can heed Pope Francis’ words about caring for the earth and tackling climate change, is to plant some trees.

In the UK the National Trust have pledged to plant twenty million trees in the next decade.

Here at St Stephen’s we plan to make our own contribution by planting some small trees- e.g. cherry blossom, olive, around the church. We made a start a couple of weeks ago when two cherry saplings were planted by Kevin Fernandes and Bijoy Paul and his children.

The olive tree

This week we have had a lovely olive tree very kindly donated by Simon and Sarah Heywood. Simon and Canon Edward planted it.

St Stephen’s School will also be planting a tree in the near future. If anyone else would like to join us in this venture, either by a donation or planting and caring for a tree, please contact the parish office at – we would love to hear from you.

Eileen McKenna