Tribute to Angela Mann

Angela Mary Mann was born on 9th July 1953 in Newington, Southwark, to parents George and Rosemary (Roma) Hooper.  She was one of six children, along with siblings Deirdre, John, Paul, Pauline and Alison.  She was educated at St Joseph’s Convent in Sidcup, and went on to a college in Lewisham to gain secretarial skills.

On 12th August 1978 Angela married Harry Mann at St Stephen’s Church.  They had three children: Paul, George and Stephanie.  Both Paul and George were educated at St Stephen’s Primary School.

Throughout her life Angela was always an extremely hard worker and took great pride in her work.  She was truly a modern-day mother in that she raised three children and ran the household at the same time as having a successful (albeit also stressful) legal career.

She saw her eldest son Paul marry Sue (also at St Stephen’s Church), and not long after they blessed her with her first grandchild, Hannah. Paul, George and Stephanie went on to provide Angela with seven grandchildren between them, and she commented before her death that she was blissfully happy for this.

Angela was a very special woman who overcame a lot of adversity in her life… always with so much courage, right up until the end.

She was extremely humble and too often a self-deprecating soul, rarely speaking of the many great personal and professional achievements in her life.  Whatever she did, she always gave her all and always excelled.

She had a long and happy marriage until the untimely death of her husband Harry to cancer in 2006.  She was enormously proud of her three children and was always a loving and supportive mother.  Family was everything to her.

Particularly in her later life Angela gained a lot of pleasure from gardening, very much as had her mother Roma throughout her own life.  Some of you may remember Roma, who played the organ at St Stephen’s for nearly 30 years. Her funeral took place in 2010.

Angela met Garry in 2014 who was her partner and companion throughout the final years of her life, and they were very happy together.

Already suffering from lung disease, Angela died in hospital of Covid-19 on 10th February 2021. She was 67 years of age.

Paul, George & Stephanie Mann