Thank you to Red Box holders

Missio_Thank you

Missio is the Pope’s charity for World Mission. We ignite God’s love by helping local missionaries to work alongside global communities who are poor or in need, regardless of their background or belief.

Thank you on behalf of Missio to St Stephen’s Parish for raising £1,023.84  in 2022 through the Red Box and direct giving, including Direct Debits and online donations. Thank you for your continued support for our global Church, through prayer and generous giving, despite the challenging times we live in.

On the photo above  is Fr Leon, a Mill Hill Missionary, with his community in Fundong, Cameroon.  In 2022, you provided essential support to displaced families in the parish of Fundong, which is in the northwest of Cameroon. Sadly, conflict continues in this part of Africa.

Fr Leon’s mission is simple: to encourage children to learn in an environment where they will acquire the confidence and skills to face the world with determination; to strengthen the faith of the community – instilling beliefs and values that the young people will carry with them all of their lives; and to make God known, loved, and served.

An initiative of Fr Leon is the ‘Angels Youth Choir’, which helps to bring young people into the parish community and seeks to prevent them from being involved in the local violence. His aim is to empower them to turn away from the aggression and towards their faith in God.

Through Missio, we are part of a worldwide network of people supporting missionaries like Fr Leon through prayer and financial assistance. When the devastating earthquake struck Turkey and Syria recently, and Cyclone Freddy hit Malawi, we were in touch with the Missio National Directors in these countries to listen to them and their communities’ needs, and to provide pastoral and practical support, standing together in solidarity.

Together, through the Red Box , we will continue to support communities around the world as they share the Gospel message through their words and actions.   If you don’t already have a Red Box at home, or would like information on other ways to donate, please contact your local secretary:

A note from Gwen: I shall request boxes to be brought in again for emptying in October.  If, like me, you find yourself not using much cash these days, please consider putting a note or two in your box.  That way we can continue to be generous towards Missio, who I know is a charity many of you have supported for years.