Seven Churches Walk, Spy Wednesday 31 March

Andrew Bishop, a seminarian from St Stephen’s studying at the Beda College in Rome, has written this article detailing a pilgrimage he took part in on Spy Wednesday (in Holy Week).

Among the Holy Week traditions in Rome, one which is embraced by members of the Beda College is the Seven Churches Walk. A group of Beda students normally undertake this pilgrimage on the Wednesday before Easter. In 2020, due to the lockdown and pandemic, the Walk had not taken place at all. This year, in the weeks before Holy Week, when Lazio was in the “Red Zone,” it seemed likely that for the second year in a row we would be “confined to barracks.” We already knew that the Easter weekend itself would be red. To everyone’s relief Speranza, the Health Minister, announced on the Friday before that Lazio’s Covid-19 figures had improved just enough for us to be in the Orange Zone and thus allowing the walk to take place.

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Reflections for the Month of May

As the last weeks of Easter lead us to Pentecost, ‘normality’ has not yet been declared. With the power of technology many events are trying to restart or at least open up new avenues to reach other audiences. Distance has become no longer a barrier to float an idea, or link with someone we’ve lost touch with. We can find a Mass anywhere in the world and in any language. We can join conversations in Australia or Canada just as easily as with our neighbours in the street we live on. Zooming is no longer ‘for da kids’ but many older generations can escape as well. Of course, it can be difficult, even trying at times to navigate the array of tools, apps and terms that proliferate in the Web.

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