A Man for All Seasons at 100

On Saturday February 22 in St Stephen’s church hall, family and friends celebrated Fred Baker’s 100th birthday.   The celebration followed Mass in the church for Fred’s intention attended by, among others, his five children, sixteen of his grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.   Father Christopher Basden, priest of this parish in the 1980s, concelebrated with Canon Edward and delivered a homily that was a touching tribute to my dear parents, Fred and his late wife, Della.

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First Semester at Beda Seminary

Gwen has asked me to write something about my doings at the Beda seminary in Rome.  As you may know I left Welling in September 2018 to spend a year as a Pastoral Assistant in Dover before going to the seminary.  Dover remains my UK base as my flat in Welling is now rented out.  I am really blessed to have Father Jeff Cridland as parish priest. Some of the older parishioners in Welling will remember him from his spell in Welling at the end of 1995.

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