Lent House Groups

Churches Together in Welling invite you to take part in these groups, which will run for 5 weeks during Lent in different homes throughout Welling. There is a list in the church porch to sign up, choosing the day (Mon-Fri) and time you prefer.  Sandy from the Methodist Church will then allocate you to a suitable group where you will have a chance to meet fellow Christians.

The course to be followed consists of listening to a CD with four speakers representing different churches (Carmody Grey for the RC Church), and looking at questions together.  The theme is “Superstar”, based on the lyrics of the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”.  The booklet and CD are produced by York Courses (yorkcourses.co.uk), and there will be a charge of £5 to cover these.

I have been attending House Groups for more than 30 years and have made some lovely Christian friends in Welling through these.  Whilst we may not be able to fully share in each other’s church services, we can get to know some of our fellow Christians through these groups.  The list will be up until the morning after Sunday 9th February.  If you would like to know any more, please contact me on gwen@chiosso.com.